About Us

The Alignment Company is a Fine Jewelry, Crystal and Arts Collective based in the heart of Los Angeles California. We focus on bringing the purist form of energy to the surface and into your space. We ethically source minerals, herbs and goods from around the world to display, share and provide for your personal spiritual journey. Our mission is to provide our clients with real life gems and resources that will help them find themselves and their happiness along their journey of life.


With Native America, African, Filipino, and Latin roots we strive to learn and share the history of our people everyday and not only do we encourage but we also support everyone to do the same. We've learned thus far that all of our ancestors on earth at some point in history used crystals, herbs and minerals to heal and ward off bad energies or bring forth good ones.

"I wanted to build something that opened the door to spiritualism, that offered people who couldn't normally find these resources the tools they needed to do the work needed. I wanted to make it easy for the people who were ready to leap into their spiritual self". - Dimitri Ray