Fire Agate "Token" Tumbled

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Fire Agate Medallion

Serenity Stone.



Fire Agate is a representative of the flame of our spirit constantly burning within us, Cracked fire agate is a stone of willpower and purpose. It burns through the connections we have to negativity from the past allowing us to move freely towards a brighter future. This is a stone of action and inspires its human counterpart to not just "think" but "do". Fire Agate is beneficial for those who spend too much of their time considering how to make things perfect, or the best route to take. Progress is not made within the confines of "what if's" so Fire Agate helps us to move forward, feeling inspired by what could be and allowing ourselves to actually experience the beauty of what life has to offer. 


Chakra - Sacral & Root
Zodiac - Aries, Scorpio 
Origin - Brazil, India, Madagascar
Approx Size - 1 inch